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Objective and Solutions


Fact-Finding Service makes more out of your resources.


Tools to improve auditing and information management

Process and knowledge support and fact-finding

- When you need to improve cost-effectiveness in auditing.

Cost-effectiveness in auditing means doing right things in a smart way so that auditing adds more value than it consumes resources.
- Doing right things is auditing things that matter: risk assessment of the subject matter and taking account of them in audit planning.
- Making audits in a smart way is making things right in audit: fort example by automating routines and and using innovative audit solutions.

- When you need better daily data management.

Effective and efficient information management is the exploitation of opportunities and experiences and new kinds of techniques and tools. that you might have never heard but which can help you much. You will be surprised at things that can be done with Excel VBA macros, for example!

- When you need second opinion or professional advice.

Professional skepticism and the professional judgment In auditing it is crucial to keep professional skepticism and the professional judgment, and have ability to think outside the box. Here, a small audit unit may need a sparrer to figure out what is important and what is not - and find the necessary experts.

- When you want to build an effective audit function.

Building a well-functioning audit function requires more than just adherence to auditing standards; customization is necessary to achieve excellence to avoid outsourcing. There is no single model for an effective audit function that is suitable for all organizations.

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